Here you will find the most common questions about our products. If you don't find the answer to your question, contact!


For how long does an opened Self-tanning bottle last?
From the date that the product gets filled, it lasts for 3 years if it´s unopened. If it´s opened, at least 6 months.

I don´t get any result when I use Self-tanners, why?

All Self-Tanning products from IDA WARG Beauty contain DHA extracted from natural sugar, which sets on dead skin cells. That´s why it´s important not to use acids or other exfoliating products 24 hours before use, or together with the any self-tanning product. When exfoliating, you remove  dead skin cells where the DHA is suppose to settle on.The product won´t have anything to attach to, and therefore gives no result. 

The Self-Tanning Face Lotion gets grainy when I apply it, why?
The Self-Tanning Face Lotion could get grainy if you apply it on your face after you have put on your regular face cream. Therefore, the products should be applied on clean and dry skin to make an even, moistured and long-lasting result. If you put on the self-tanner on your face cream, the tan does not attach as well on the skin and is going to get washed off faster. To get the best result, apply the product on dry skin.

My Self-Tanning Mousse Extra Dark is orange, why?
The Self-Tanning Mousse Extra Dark can be perceived as orange compared to other Self-tanning products. The reason why is that our Self-tanners don't contain any green colour guard as others may do. If the products contain green pigments you will also have to get rid of the green colour guard by shower it off to get the final result. We want you to enjoy the result right away, therefore we have chosen not to use the green colour guard in our Self-tanners. You just need to apply the Self-tanners, let it dry and then you can enjoy the fabulous result!

My Self-Tanning Mousse is white, why?
IDA WARG Beauty has three different Self-Tanning mousses, one uncoloured (Original) and two of them with colour (Instant). The uncoloured mousse comes out as a white foam and when you apply it, it´s uncoloured on the skin but starts to develop to a sunkissed tan after 3 hours and keeps developing for 12 more hours. The other mousses are Instant, which means they're giving colour instantly since the product already is coloured in the bottle.

Can I sunbathe while using Self-tanners?

Yes, the fragrance-free Self-tanners are OK to sunbathe with. Please be careful when sunbathing with the perfumed Self-tanners. We always recommend to use an additional SPF product to be safe in the sun!

Can i use Self-Tanning Water Mist on makeup?
Of course! The Self-tanning effect gets best if you use it on clean and dry skin, but since it contains Hyaluronic Acid, it´s a perfect touch-up to use on makeup to get a hydrated, glowy and sunkissed result!

How do I know which hair-series that fits my hair the best?
Every hair type needs different properties. To get the best info, read about the series on the category pages here on the website. Overall, they work like this:
Plumping – For the one who want extra fullness, volume and density to the hair.
Colour Protecting – For coloured hair, developed with heat protection.
Pro Growth – Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.
Moisture – For dry and thick hair that needs moisture.
Repair – For damaged hair that needs protein.
Volume – For a thin and fine hair that wants volume.
Everyday – For the one who washes their hair often.
Silver – For the one who wants to get rid of yellow and warm tones in a blonde hair.

Why does my hair get dry when I use the Repair series?
The Repair series is developed for a damaged hair, and it´s very easy to get confused between if you have a damaged hair or if it's just dry. Damaged hair needs protein to be able to rebuild the hair again, while dry hair can be experienced like even more dry when adding proteins, and needs moisture instead. For a damaged hair, Repair is an excellent choice. But for a dry hair you need to add moisture, then the Moisture or Everyday series are an excellent choice!


Whats different with the Ultra dark Mousse compared to the othrer mousses?
Our newest member to the instant self tanning family is a bit tricky to work with but we have a few tips and tricks we can share!

First, make sure you are using a clean application glove. Then add the mousse to the glove (one pump is enough to start with) Work the formula in to your skin with circular motions and remember to be a bit faster than you are used to with our other formulas!

The Ultra Dark sets quickly and if you are too slow you can get patches where the colour guard builds up too much. Continue to work the formula in to the skin until all the mousse has been absorbed.

If you need to add one more layer, wait at least 20 minutes before going in with round numer two!

When you are done and happy with the application you might feel that the formula is a bit sticky on the skin. This will be the case for a few hours, if you are in a hurry and want to minimize the stickiness you can add a bit of bronzer or a tranclucent powder on the body.

We do also want to point out that this product might not be for everyone as it is more of a body makeup combined with a self tanner! It does give A LOT of instant colour but once you rinse it off you get about the same result as if you would use our Instant Mousse Medium Dark.

 Another great tip is to mix a bit of the Ultra dark mousse with our Self Tanning mousse, that way you can customize the instant shade to fit your taste and need!

Should i apply Instant Self-Tanning Body Lotion with my hands or a mitt?
This self tanner is a hydrating lotion with the benefits of giving you an instant colour!

To get the best result, apply the lotion to clean, dry skin with your hands (and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you are done with the application!)

If you want to apply a second layer, make sure to wait at least 15 minutes so that the first layer dries. This is to ensure that the colour guard doesn’t bulge up and look streaky.